This is a book review on “Scientific Paper Writing – A Survival Guide”  written by Bodil Holst and published on 30.12.2015 on the CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Another advice book on paper writing?

But wait, this one looks vaguely familiar. The new book written by Bodil Holst, a bookprofessor of physics at the University of Bergen (Norway), grabs your attention with cover art by none other than Jorge Cham, the creator of PhD comics. Throughout the book, many comics of the popular web series are reproduced to accompany the explanations on the scientific publishing process. This process, sometimes viewed as a black box by academic newcomers, is the main focus of the book. The self-proclaimed aim of Bodil Holst is levelling the playing field for young scientists by transparently laying out the conditions that must be met for getting your work published.

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The best quality in science can doubtlessly be reached when the full potential of researchers is exhausted, independently of their gender. However, gender inequality in science is still a problem in Europe. A new study from Elsevier shows that women in Germany publish less than men. While woman produced in average 2.07 publications per year in the period of 2010-2014, men produced 2.34. Also the citation impact of their publications is lower. The differences in publication rate and impact are smaller for senior researchers (researchers with more than 10 years since their first publication).

In Germany, the ratio of women in science has increased by around 3 % from 2010 to 2014, but still only 31 % of the researchers are women. Furthermore, the ratio of women amongst senior researchers stayed constant since 2010.